Don’t eat fish on the New Year’s Day in Czechia and other Czech New Year’s traditions & celebrations

The end of the year is slowly approaching and so it is the right time to explain to you a bit about Czech celebration on the New Year’s Eve (we call this evening „Silvestr“) and about what follows on the New Year’s Day.

You will learn about the popular snacks for the New Year’s Eve and also about the traditions such as what you should or shouldn’t eat, so that the next year is good. And I will also mention some lucky charms that are popular around this time in the Czech Republic.

Wishing you a lovely year’s end celebration and all the best for the next year! P. F. 2021! And don’t forget „Jak na Nový rok, tak po celý rok!“ 🙂

P. S. And if you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to check also the YT channel.

Czech Kate
Czech Kate
Don't eat fish on the New Year's Day in Czechia and other Czech New Year's traditions & celebrations